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Thursday, May 6, 2010


This April will mark four decades of organized environmental awareness. And, given the current economic, environmental and energy crises, it’s clear that Earth Day is no longer a “holiday” reserved for hippies. We all have stake in planet Earth. Accordingly, significant action must continue in order to sustain our planet and the people she supports

On April 22, folks all over the globe will come out in droves to pay tribute to our planet. Communities and college campuses will host eco-events, celebrations and demonstrations. Artists will display sculptures made from recycled materials, musicians will perform songs that address sustainability and young children will participate in Earth education activities.

Forty years ago, Gaylord Nelson, a democratic senator from Wisconsin, founded Earth Day as an environmental teach-in. Today, contemporary citizens of Earth, residing in countries all over the planet, recognize April 22 as a day to not only educate friends, children and neighbors, but also as a day to make eco-resolutions, petition for better corporate, environmental and social practices and rejoice upon our beautiful, supportive planet. What will you celebrate and what will you vow to do better this year?

And, of course, we couldn’t take a lot of this eco-action without your continued support and like-minded vision for a healthier planet and people. So, whether you plan to participate in a community or educational event this Earth Day or opt to quietly enjoy the day while you thoughtfully resolve to up your dedication to protecting the planet, we applaud and encourage your efforts and thank you for your continued support of ours.

Today:Make a list of all your positive eco-actions. Before you resolve to make more Earth-friendly choices, recognize all that you already do.

This month:Get your Earth Day eco-merrymaking on! Make an Earth Day resolution. How will you improve your eco-behavior this year? Shoot big, but remember to make it something that’s attainable, like no more paper cups — period!

This year:Strive to treat every day like it’s Earth Day, because when you really think on it, every day is!
Happy Birthday Earth Day!:)

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